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Call Controller – as Easy as One, Two, Three
image courtesy of http://www.thetsptransferpeople.com/Anybody would love to possess a certain feature that can be used to complete a task or have a particular job done for them in as easy as one, two, three. In fact, this is what every business owner asks for in their wish list. As we all know, running requires patience and excellence. And aside from this, it also demands dedication to multiple tasks.

Luckily, with today’s innovation, three easy steps can be applied to some areas of business, specifically in communication.

With a properly configured telephone system, a business can have quality communication exchange with suppliers, customers and employees. But in order to achieve this, it needs to employ features that would enhance their telecommunication system. Now, this feature should be easy to setup, packed with easy-to-use functions and must also be reliable.

This is what a call controller can do for your enterprise. It is a software application that can transform a computer into a control center. Some of its basic features are: monitoring of phone lines or a virtual PBX system; real time control of inbound calls; ability to dial-out; instant access to faxes and messages; and integration with other application.

Having an easy telephone system configuration tools can give immediate benefits and enhancements of other features.

A call controller can screen callers by intercepting an inbound call and showing caller information such as telephone number, name of caller or business. A user can then utilize a one touch response option to either answer, reject, forward to voicemail or simply send a text response to the call. And with multimedia accessories like a microphone, speaker or a headset, the PC can be used to answer a call and use it for outbound calls as well.

These are just few of the many functions that it can offer. The bottom line is a call controller can transform a business into a fortune 500 company.

image courtesy of http://www.thetsptransferpeople.com/


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