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When Did Voguette Embark?
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During her twelvemonths in the least three mags, she created international ad campaign that include Volvo, Neiman Marcus, Perry Ellis Swim, Ritz Carlton and many more, with lensmen as well as Blasius Erlinger, Enrique Covarrubias, Juan Manuel Garcia, Anatol Kotte, Andrew Eccles, Tony Notarbernadino and Daniela Federicci. She formed covers and worked with infinite famouses person which includes Brooke Shields, Rafael Nadal, Carolina Herrera, Kristen Davis, and Christian Bale.View Voguette's About page for more details.

Writer's Block: Nom nom nom
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Most Common Internet Fax Service Features
Acquiring an internet fax service based on price and plan is not enough in finding the right service suitable for business or personal use. It is also important to consider the internet fax features that come with it:
  • Available Number – an internet fax provider may offer either local number, toll free number or both.
  • Block Junk – provides the ability to block unwanted or unsolicited faxes.
  • Control Panel – a web-based interface that allows the user to manage fax account, billing, reporting and settings.
  • Customer Support – this one should come with any plan and should be provided through any of the following: chat, e-mail, online, SMS or telephone.
  • File Format – the service should at least be capable of saving faxes in different digital file format like JPEG, PDF, TIFF, etc.
  • Fax Alerts – provides notification whenever new messages arrive. It can be either by e-mail, SMS (Short Message Service) or both.
  • Fax Logs – an important feature that can be useful for business that wish to audit or track daily fax transactions. It usually comes as a basic feature.
  • Fax Storage – this extra is varies among different providers. But it is usually available for a minimum of 20 days or for a maximum of 2 years.
  • Free Trial – avail of this offer if the provider offers one. Providers offer this for 5-30 days. Others may provider money-back guaranteed instead. Make sure to read the provider’s TOS (Terms Of Service) when acquiring this.
  • Software Integration – useful fax software that can allow seamless integration with other applications for easier faxing.
  • Wireless Access – faxes can be accessed using hand held devices that have internet access.

How to Find an Ideal Internet Fax for your Business


It is not at all enough that a business has its own internet fax and other telecommunication services. Business owners have to make it a point that they choose the best internet fax and other needed facilities based on quality and price. It is also necessary that entrepreneurs choose a fax provider that offers high quality customer support and technical assistance to ensure that potential problems are given appropriate actions.

 Apparently, choosing an ideal internet fax from a virtual business phone service provider is not at all easy. There is a whole gamut of choices for potential internet fax providers and advertisements can be misleading. If you are one of those online entrepreneurs who plan to get an internet fax from a virtual PBX system provider, here are some tips that will help you get the best system you require:

1.    Choose an internet fax that is easy to use. Faxing services generally feature web dashboards that help users manage fax communication within and outside the business office. Select a fax service that features a user-friendly interface.

2.    Select a fax service that is compatible to a large number of file formats. Take note that some internet fax cannot possibly read and send internet fax in different formats. In this case, you would have to convert these files first before eventually sending them.

3.    Select a virtual PBX system that offers quality customer support. See to it that you can possibly get in touch with your provider through various ways such as mail, phone, live chat or SMS to ensure that you can possibly get the right help in case of emergency. As much as possible, choose a provider that features an in-house support staff.

4.    Watch out for prices and hidden costs. Most virtual PBX providers offer low monthly fee as well as free installation and activation fee. But then again, be cautious of additional charges that may be added to your monthly bills. Typical internet fax services are generally pegged at $10 a month.

Top Three Features of a Virtual Phone System

 A virtual phone system highlights special features that are deemed necessary in improving a business. Its advantages are so varied that many online entrepreneurs now have their own virtual phone system from reliable hosted PBX providers. Apparently, not all business owners are lucky enough to find an ideal system they need. There are those who end up getting very expensive systems; while others fall for cheap but less dependable ones. Still others end up paying for an office phone system that does not feature the kind of telecommunication services they actually require for their business.

 When choosing an office phone system for your business, consider the following top three features of a virtual PBX.

 First, take note that your office phone system should feature automatic upgrades. Most phone systems are able to provide this feature because virtual phones work through a network server. With automatic upgrades, business owners no longer need to hire a phone service provider who would then manually upgrade their system. Upgrades are rather sent via a central server that is connected to several networks. Automatic upgrades do not require hardware installation; hence these are considered more convenient.

 The second most important feature of a virtual phone system is its wide range of telecommunication services. Virtual systems generally feature call forwarding services that allow its users to receive calls from different parts of the globe. Virtual phones receive calls and can possibly re-direct these calls to proper persons and departments, to a mobile phone when land lines are left unanswered, or even to a VoIP phone. The virtual phone system can also be configured to work at different locations.

 Other essential telecommunication services that most virtual PBX providers offer include a variety of mix and match features such as voicemail, toll free numbers, phone line extensions, and call recording.

 The third top feature of virtual phone system is its affordable cost. PBX plans provide business solutions at a fraction of a cost, making it ideal for both start up and small as well as medium scale companies who want to upgrade their technologies without spending a vast fortune. Most virtual plans offer free trial, free activation and free cancellation fees. Most of these plans also require low maintenance costs.


Secure your Investment with Business 800 Number

Do you want to upgrade your telecommunication services without spending a large fortune? Have you ever thought of getting a business 800 number? Business 800 number is an ideal marketing solution that have worked wonders for many entrepreneurs and you too can take advantage of this at a reasonable rate.


Like most toll free numbers, the 800 number for business functions through a virtual PBX. Given this instance, anyone who wishes to utilize this service no longer need to buy new equipment or upgrade anything. The 800 number for business can possibly accommodate several phone line extensions.


Business 800 number comes with several other features aside from phone line extension. Business owners who use this service are provided with welcome messages for their customers. These welcome messages are followed by voice prompts that would direct customers on what to do next so they can get in touch with the right person o department they are looking for. Business 800 numbers can also take calls even if no one is practically available to take the calls. This is made possible through its call forwarding features wherein calls can be re-routed to your personal mobile number and helps you avoid missing out on important customers.


In addition, 1 800 numbers also feature options such as call me follow me forwarding options, fax and voice mail. Like other toll free numbers, business 800 and 1 800 numbers are especially assigned to each business. The 800 business number remains unchanged even if the business decides to change their fixed phone line numbers or in case they plan to relocate.


Toll free numbers like 1 800 numbers effectively helps improve the image of the business. These numbers enhance the professional outlook of the business. These numbers are also easier to recall as compared to fixed numbers.


Vanity Numbers Effectively Helps Improve Business

Vanity numbers help customers remember your contact information easily. Such numbers are easily recalled by existing and potential customers; hence these improve your chances of being called up for a product purchase. Examples of business owners who use vanity numbers are online florists who believe that vanity numbers because it's easier to remember than long and at times, complicated business names. Business owners who use such numbers also recognize that the vanity numbers is usually easy to recall because all it takes is the prefix and the name.  


This essence of the vanity numbers is very evident in the large number of businesses that use said service. These days, most vanity numbers are already taken. And marketers can only choose to be more creative so that they can come up with a catchy toll free phone numbers they can use to further advance their business.


Like a vanity number, toll free phone numbers come with a commonly used prefix such as 800, 888, 866 and 877. As business solutions, toll free numbers allow millions of entrepreneurs to match a number to their business name, domain name and branding strategy. Apparently, not all online marketers get the best from toll free services that provide these especially coded numbers.


In this case, it is necessary that business owners carefully choose a vanity or toll free number from their toll free service provider. These marketers should choose a vanity number that represents their company and is easy to remember. This number should be at least seven letters and should represent the product or service that the company offers.

Get an Office Phone System for your Business Now
An office phone system offers several other benefits aside from helping business owners manage their communication needs. Small office phone system allows you to expand your business and communication capabilities. Get small office phone now. 

How to Request an 800 toll free number service online

800 Toll free phone numbers are essential in any type of business because of the helpful benefits that it provides.  800 toll free phone numbers can be outsourced through dedicated service and managed directly through an outsourcing provider from a third party company.  However, this backend service provides direct calls to an 800 phone number assigned to a customer service representative.

It is important that you should know the process in acquiring an 800 toll free service. Phone service reservation through 800 toll free request and requesting of a regular toll free number are just two of the known processes.

Regardless of the process that you will be employing, most providers will need to have some information regarding the numbers you want to acquire, the type of service, prefix of toll free you will use, and the option of getting a vanity toll free number. Depending on the toll free service provider, reserving a vanity toll free may require legal documents like an online form that must be filled up.

If you do not want to acquire a vanity toll free number, a representative from the toll free service provider will just provide you with a list of available toll free numbers that you can use as guide or reference. However, there are some subscribers may have inconsistent numbers. If you encounter subscribers with inconsistent numbers, check the 800 database for their numbers if is still active or not.

When you’re done following these steps, always follow instructions in completing the toll free number reservation form that will be given to you. The list of assigned numbers sent to the subscriber may expire after 30 days. After this time the number that has already expired will be once again available provided that it is already available in the 800 toll free number database.

How to Choose a Small Business Phone System
Choosing a small business phone system might appear an easy feat; so much that getting this essential business technology is often taken for granted by many. As a result, people do not get the best telecommunications systems they deserve. Here are some tips that will help you find an ideal small business phone system.

Instead if settling with traditional calling plans, try Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. VoIP requires a very affordable flat fee per month in exchange of for unlimited calling, including long distance calling. This will save you thousands of dollars. What is good with VoIP is that it can also be used to connect remote offices with ease.

Look for that business phone system pbx features transferring calls so that you can easily and efficiently divert incoming calls to the right person. You will find that different service providers offer various solutions that would allow you to transfer calls. In this case, look for a provider that offers a system that actually works for you.

Then of course, don’t forget to look for a small business phone system that features speed dial. Speed dial features allow you to get in touch with frequently called contacts with ease. Again, different service providers offer a myriad of speed dialing functions like the ACT program, Microsoft Outlook, or Goldmine. Speed dial features help you call people via the click of a mouse button--saving you lots of time over the long haul. Remember though that some telecommunication service providers charge additional fees for this feature while other include it with no charge.

In closing, take note that your business phone system is your first line of communications with your co-workers and customers. In this sense, it is extremely important that you choose the best business phone system.